Specialized Real Estate Funds for Customized Investment Strategies

Your requirements are what matters. As an independent, fully licensed real estate capital management company, we develop customized product solutions to meet the requirements of institutional investors. All of our proprietary funds are distinguished by their clear investment strategy, their focus on specific risk classes and their regional investment locations. Based on a structured approach, we are able to offer you specialized real estate funds and all AIFM-regulated investment vehicles in accordance with the laws of Germany and Luxembourg.

You can count on a comprehensive range of product development services.

A tailor-made investment strategy

  • Geographic allocation based on scoring models
  • Definition of usage types such as office, hotel, retail, logistics, etc.
  • Definition of risk classes such as Core, Core Plus, Value Add and Development
  • Performance expectations and distribution requirements
  • Establishment of the proportion of debt capital
  • Risk distribution and property sizes


Requirements of the specialized real estate fund

  • Flexible contracts
  • Competitive compensation
  • Management of the regulatory processes


Investment phase

  • Prompt implementation of the investment strategy by ensuring the rapid investment of investor capital
  • Activation of real estate networks by sharing matching search profiles for individual investments
  • Sourcing deals in the identified markets through a long-standing local presence and business relationships in all of the relevant real estate markets
  • Choosing and presenting the individual properties identified by creating detailed property analyses that include long-term cash flow calculations
  • Fast, professional, and targeted actions to ensure successful acquisitions
  • Goal: making the first investment within three months of establishing the specialized real estate fund


Investor participation

  • Individual support from our experts
  • Membership in the investment committee
  • Webinar-supported conference calls
  • Investor trips to see the properties and study the market



  • Supervisory and regulatory investment reporting
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly reports
  • Detailed property analyses, including long-term cash flow calculations
  • 24/7 availability thanks to data-room-based reporting
  • IT interface management

We have already established a large number of successful funds based on these factors. A few examples are provided below to show how we achieved this.

Examples of specialized real estate fund solutions



German products

Fokus Norddeutschland Fonds
This fund invests in offices, retail properties, hotels and residential buildings in northern Germany.

Fokus Süddeutschland Fonds
This fund concentrates on the economically strong German states of Bavaria, Baden-Württemberg, and Hesse. It invests primarily in offices, retail properties, hotels and residential buildings.

KanAm Grund Öffentliche
Institutionen Deutschland

The specialized real estate fund is particularly tailored to the needs of banks and savings banks. It targets public sector tenants with long-term leases. Investments focus on properties in Germany's political centers or supra-regional and regional administrative locations.



European products

KanAm Grund Europa
Fund managers are permitted to invest throughout Europe with a focus on office and hotel real estate in Germany and Great Britain.

Europe Select
This pan-European investment strategy focuses on office real estate, although fund managers are also permitted to invest in selected retail properties and hotels.

KanAm Grund European Cities Fonds KI
The fund's main focus is on office properties in major European cities.

KanAm Grund Public Institutions Europe



North American products

Leading Cities Invest North America
This fund primarily invests in office and hotel real estate in the United States and Canada.



Specialty products

KanAm Grund France Select KI
The fund's managers strive to create a perfectly diversified French portfolio by investing in office and retail properties in Paris and important regional cities.

KanAm Grund German Development Fonds
This fund collaborates with project developers to invest in residential buildings, student housing, boarding houses and office real estate.

KanAm Grund Real Estate Debt Fund Germany

KanAm SPEZIAL grundinvest Fonds

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