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Your Guide to Specialized Real Estate Funds

As a leading capital management company, we know that a responsible approach and reliable results matter to you as an institutional investor. This is why we go the extra mile for you as your partner for specialized real estate fund investments. Our collaboration together will always be based on a customized market strategy, a deep understanding of the market, and a high level of professionalism.

After helping you to define your investment strategy, we will quickly find suitable properties for you and put your capital to work right away, utilizing our exceptional access to the relevant markets.

This is a standard you can hold us to – starting with our first conversation and through every phase of our collaboration.

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A Strategic Focus on Quality Real Estate

Identifying and selecting properties and building portfolios – our investment strategy is based on a precise, detailed evaluation of each property, using our proprietary scoring models. To guarantee the quality of our investment strategy, we choose to focus on selected locations in Germany, Europe and North America.

Based on this approach and our autonomy, we have the flexibility necessary to develop the best possible investment solutions specifically for you. Our extensive network, which took several years to develop, gives us direct access to quality real estate. This advantage enables us to create high-yield, specialized real estate funds, club deals, and mandate solutions as tailor-made investment vehicles in almost every legal form imaginable. At the same time, we are constantly expanding our product range by adding different fund types, alternative risk profiles and new investment markets in order to offer our investors a wide selection of investment solutions.

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Tailor-Made, Specialized Real Estate Funds

The target value of the fund, the desired debt component, the target performance (including risk class and preferred types of use) and the regional focus – all of these aspects help us build flexibly adapted special funds for you, with specific characteristics.

We understand that institutional investors in Germany, Europe and Asia have different requirements when it comes to their real estate allocations and/or real estate assets. Our answer to meeting these various requirements is to create strategic and regionally differentiated investment strategies. The following are a few examples of funds and fund concepts that we have developed for specific investor groups:

  • Specialized real estate funds focused on investments in Germany and Europe and intended for savings banks and cooperative banks

  • Specialized real estate funds with an investment focus on Europe and intended for German pension funds

  • Specialized real estate funds focused on investments in North America and intended for family offices and investors in the pension sector

  • Specialized real estate funds intended for institutional investors with specific investment strategies

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